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Check Airtel Data Balance In Nigeria 2021


After purchasing a data plan to enjoy the high-speed Internet access that Airtel provides, keep checking your data balance to know exactly when to slow down your data usage.

How To Check Airtel Data Balance

Want to check your data balance on Airtel? Or maybe you want to know if you have a bonus data plan on your Airtel line, then this article is for you. See the short code to check airtel data balance below.

Short Code To Check Airtel Data Balance?

Checking your data balance on Airtel is very simple and easy, just dial *140# on your Airtel number and wait for a text message with all the details about your data plan.

You will see the remaining MB and also when the data plan expires. If you didn’t receive the SMS, it could be due to a network error and you can try the code at a later date.

You can also dial *141#, select “6” and send. You will also receive your data balance and all the details of your data plan.

Wrapping Up

Staying connected online has never become necessary whether to get information or to run our businesses. And as an Airtel subscriber, you want to be able to monitor how you use your data, so you can manage it well to achieve your goal. This list of how to check Airtel data balance comes in handy.

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