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*Activity Of Real Hackers*
Before we go ahead, lets clear who are hackers? Here, we are highlighting original hackers, who
learn programming themselves, not the intruders peeking in your computer. Well, if you want to become a hacker or looking forward to be one, here are some common habits of hackers that you can adopt to sound like a real one.

Snoopiness: Most Common Habit of Hackers. Most important habit hackers have is curiosity and a hunger to know everything. Any case you put up on a hacker, he will justify the entire how, what and who questions. After that you can rely on him to bring up the defects and tell you how to
bring perfection. So, one not only need snoopiness but also be fond of research and learning to become a successful hacker.

Hackers; Best In Ethics And Strict In Discipline: What kind of image comes up in mind when you think of a hacker? A computer-geek T-shirt guy with glasses and munching snacks all the time? But this is how media shows you a hacker. If you happen to get in touch with a real-life hacker, you will get to know they are best in ethics and discipline. Corporations have trouble working with hackers, not because they don’t perform, that is they couldn’t get them to work in fixed timings. They would like to work 24 hours a day if left on own.

Tranquility Seeking:  Famous Habit Of Hackers, Hackers are not party-people and it’s quite rare to find one whooping around, unless he come-by and give-away the Window’s Source free. Even their entertainment activities, such as puzzles, chess and reading, are a source of tranquility. If ever get to stumble upon some hacker’s party, all you will find is role-playing games and old-time’s dress-ups.

Working Independently: A Strict Habit Of Hackers. Hackers prefer to work independently and avoid going along schedules or regulations. They would rather by-pass the rules and get a work done by themselves when it comes to depend upon others working within the limits of bureaucracy.

Liberty: Oldest Habit of Hackers. It’s certainly a misconception that hackers are rebellious. Only
condition where they can become revolutionary is when you restrain them being just to their work. A practical example is the story of our hero, Richard stall man, and his free Software foundation. It all
started when Mr. Stallman couldn’t get his computer fixed up due to copyrights. That’s what made him so much dedicated to computing-freedom.

 Hackers’ Self-admiration In Their Craftsmanship:
Inside every hacker there is a young kid haughtily boasting about his creativity, look isn’t it amazing? Hackers aren’t interested in geeky stuff, like writing irksome software which can track a customer’s accounts in a database. They would rather create something innovative and brilliant, for instance program an AI chess-game in Flash, just because it’s interesting. Honestly, a true hacker works with one ambition in mind, they’ll make this world better for all. And they would’ve done it if there was anything out of ‘machine’ they could work for.

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