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How To Check Glo Data Balance 2021


This article is for you if you want to know how to check Glo data balance. As a Glo subscriber, you get access to different data packages that make surfing the net easier. In short, you enjoy cheap data prices and other cool bonuses.

How to Check Glo Data Balance

Depending on your package, here’s how to check data balance on Glo:

  • Check Glo data balance using USSD
  • Check Glo data balance via SMS
  • Check Glo night data balance
  • Check shared data balance on Glo
  • Check Glo data balance online

Now, let’s get right into each one.

1. How to Check Glo Data Balance Using USSD

This is the easiest way to check your Glo data balance. You can use any phone and it doesn’t require any internet connection. Just dial *777# and in the next list of items that pops up, choose “Manage Data” and then select “Data Balance”

2. How to Check Glo Data Balance via SMS

Check your data balance by sending a text message to a given code. To do this, send:

“INFO” to 127.

Then your data balance will be sent to your inbox.

3. How to Check Glo Night Data Balance

The Glo night plan named the Glo Night and the Weekend plan allows you to browse the net between 12 am and 5 am.

To check data balance for your Glo night plan, simply dial:


4. Check Shared Data Balance on Glo

With Glo shared data, you can imagine the thrill of having the opportunity to extend your enjoyment of data to your friends and loved ones.

However, when too many people are involved, it can be hard trying to keep up with your online activities with little data. So you’d rather check to know how much data capacity you can let people benefit through you.

So to check your shared data balance, just dial:


5. Check Glo Data Balance Online

To check your Glo data balance online is easy. Just go to the official Glo website:



No doubt about it, the Glo network is the hottest in Nigeria right now in terms of cheap data. If you’re in an area where Glo coverage is super fast, then it’s double enjoyment for you. Whether you’re using it for business purposes or your normal monthly subscription to surf the net, Glo data packages are suitable for all needs.

Wrapping Up

As a Glo subscriber, you’d want to check out how much data is left on your subscription so you can manage it well. With this guide which details the different ways you can check Glo data balance, you should find it extremely easy.

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