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Benefits of converting torrent into direct download link

  • It does not matter how many files you are downloading.
  • Speed is comparatively faster even if seeds are less.
  • Torrent downloading client is not required.
  • Easy accessibility as it enables you to download the file in your mobiles too.
  • Torrent can be easily uploaded on cloud storage to download it later.
  • Also, you can smoothly play Torrent Movies/Videos online.

It is the most popular site in the list and alternative of seedr.cc. If you need to get the job done in less time this is the best site to opt for. It has enough cloud storage and direct – download system.

Strengths(zbigz pros):

  • For secure communication there is HTTPS.
  • It supports Magnet links and Torrent files
  • Good for the purpose of cloud storage.
  • Download speed is fast and premium.
  • It also supports compression of folders and navigation of the downloaded torrent folder.
  • You can directly stream torrent media files.

The weakness of ZBIGZ (zbigz cons):

  • Poor free /trial service
  • Limit of 1024 MB (1GB)
  • Also, the trial version has a limit of only 2 files in storage
  • The trial version won’t cache when you are away from the site.

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This is one of the cool Torrent to direct download site. It has a simple interface and filestream.me is allowing magnets links and torrent files. Also, their free service offers some lovely features with a limit of 1gb. It has a very efficient caching system.

Strengths (Filestream.me pros):

  • Simple to use with a straightforward interface.
  • It gives provision of navigation of downloaded folders for downloading of single files.
  • Also, it is possible to zip files before download.
  • You can get free service with a limit of 1gb.
  • There is an option to download via SSL, or no SSL.

Weakness (Filestream.me cons):

  • You cannot preview the video.
  • It may fill your email.

Seedr is one of the popular site to download torrents. If you are looking for a zbigz alternative with more than 1gb storage, this is the best option.

Strengths (Seedr.cc pros):

  • 2GB of Storage and also you can increase it to 6.5GB for FREE.
  • It can store multiple files.
  • Also, the downloading speed is very fast.
  • Seedr files can accessible from Desktop, Mobile Phone or Tablets.
  • Seedr offers a range of Premium Plans for more storage.

Weakness (Seedr.cc cons): 

  • You get limited space in the free version.
  • Also, it can be quite pricey for someone who is downloading a pirated version.

Official Website: Seedr.cc


It is another one good option amongst all the sites. With wonderful trial service you can download as zip or navigate the directory within your cached torrent.

It also supports video thumbnail and preview feature. There is an option of converter for media related downloads.

Strengths (Bitport Pros):

  • There is nice media preview features
  • User has an option to navigate cached torrent folder or download as zip
  • Queuing and transfer manager is also available.
  • Free version allows download of Torrent larger than a trial limit of others.

Weakness (Bitport Cons): 

  • It is not a very simple interface.
  • Trial version has a limited cloud space (2 GB)
  • Free trial contains a 100 MB per hour caching policy.


ByteBX is another Zbigz Alternative which is also a good torrent to direct download site. It doubles up as a cloud storage for storing your files.

Additionally, it allows media streaming and photo viewing straight from your drive. Even it has its own audio media player for playing uploaded files or cached torrent.

Strengths (ByteBX Pros):

  • Streaming of cached / uploaded files is possible in this site.
  • Also not to miss it is very user friendly.
  • This site allows navigation of cached torrent
  • Even it contains cloud storage for uploading your files

Weakness (ByteBX cons):

  • Free trial version is limited to the only 100mb.

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