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How to Create a Torrent


If you’ve ever wondered how to create a torrent, you’ve come to the right place. This article will explain how to create a torrent and use it to upload whatever you want to people all over the world!

1. Investigate your torrent client. Most up-to-date clients can make torrents (only a minority may not be able to). For a free client that can create torrents try µTorrent for Windows and Mac, Transmission for Mac, Deluge for Linux or JSTorrent for Chrome OS. (Note: JSTorrent cannot make torrents. It is just a torrent client for Chromebooks.)

2. Select the option to make a new torrent file. This is usually located under the File menu and named “Create New Torrent” or words to that effect. If it is not in this location try looking under other menus or the toolbars. If you are still uncertain, check the official website of your client for more details. Sometimes dragging the file/folder into the client also works. 

3. Select the files you wish to be in the torrent. If you will have several files consider arranging them all first in a folder, so you can simply select that folder to use as the torrent contents. The name of your torrent file will usually be the name of the file or folder in it. You can easily rename the file afterwards.

4. Enter a tracker. A tracker controls the transfer of data for your torrent. A tracker looks similar to an ordinary URL. A list of working public bittorrent trackers is available here. If you want to index your torrent on a torrent downloads website then you should use the tracker owned by that website, as not all indexing sites will allow external trackers. If you are using a private tracker (you probably aren’t), then be sure to tick the box to mark it as private. Do not tick this box otherwise

5. Add any additional information. You can add a comment for the torrent if you wish. The piece size should be left at the automatic setting unless you know what you’re doing. Once you have filled in all the required areas create your torrent. You may be asked where to save and what to call the .torrent file, or you may have been asked beforehand.

6. Now that you have your torrent file open it ready for seeding. Some clients have a seed mode specifically for this. If you do not seed your torrent it will be useless because nobody can download your files.
7. Share your torrent. If you are making the torrent so you can send a friend a file, just send them the .torrent file. If you want it open to the public to download you are best listing it on a torrent download website. Once on such a site find the link to add or upload a new torrent and fill in the required information. You will probably be required to register if you have not already. Once people start downloading the torrent from this site it will gather more and more seeders. If you wish you can stop seeding once the torrent is “stable”, or continue to seed.

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